Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello again!
After stuffing him for breakfast, lunch was a bit on the lighter side. I know that Bruschetta is pretty basic stuff, but I wanted to get it as traditional as possible. The recipe came from "Suite 101". Most of the time when making Bruschetta I usually just chuck together red onion, tomato & parsley, but there were a few tips with this one that I thought were brilliant and it tasted even better:

  • Use brown onion and soak it - diced - in salted water. This takes away the bitterness with keeping that brown onion taste. 
  • Drain the tomatoes and onion (after soaking) so your mix doesn't end up too watery leaving you with soggy bread. 
  • Adding lemon juice really highlights the freshness of the dish.
Of course using day old bread toasted and rubbed with garlic is essential (lots of garlic if you're like me hehe). 
I bit more time consuming than usual, however I made up the tomato/onion/lemon juice the night before so didn't spend so much time in the kitchen and allowed everything to build flavour. Yum yum. 

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